How to Polish Car Paint?

These are important considerations that will determine your success in polishing your car’s paint. This will smoothen up your car polishing since you know exactly what you need to achieve your desired results. Once you have already taken care of the things and tools you need for polishing, here are some simple steps you can follow on how to polish car paint:

  1. First, wash your car thoroughly using the car cleaner that suits your car’s specific type of paint. Remember, it is important that you use the correct cleaner so you can ensure your car’s paint will not be damaged.
  2. When your car is now as clean as possible, you can now start the polishing process. Now, there are two methods that you can polish your car’s paint: by hand and by machine. In this article, we will be focusing on polishing by hand.
  3. The rule of thumb when polishing by hand is that it has to be applied with as moderate pressure as you can. This way, you can be sure that the wax you are using is thoroughly applied to the car’s body paint.
  4. Take note as well that there are a number of products which you can use to polish your car. It can be a compound, glaze, polish or clay bar. It all depends as to what you think works ideally to your car’s paint.
  5. Once you have finally applied the product to polish your car, wait until it has dried off. Then you can buff it out so that it can dry to a real shiny finish.

Following these simple tips, you’ll be able to have your car looking new and shiny even after a long time of use. What’s important is to choose the right product and process that will work to the benefit of your car.